Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

So another year and another committee.  We just want to make a few announcements about next term as you all rush off home for Easter (or go back to your real people jobs):

Summer Term Convention:

Week 2 Fri-Sun (2-4th May)

Due to the exams, this will likely take place split between ground floor James (G/001/002/010/013) and 3rd floor Wentworth (W/301/304/306/307).  We will use James as a hub, and people can go off to run games in the Wentworth rooms.  I know this is inconvenient, but the Wentworth suite is fully booked all term.  Please take these limitations into account if you plan to run anything that will need >1 room.

We will publish a list of things happening at Convention in the Week 2 Monday email, so if you want to run anything could you please contact us by Sunday Week 1.


Week 3 Thursday (8th May)

There are 3 unfilled positions in the committee: Abnormal Member for Wargames (new), Abnormal Member for Boardgames, Abnormal Member for Magic.  If you want to run, please let us know by the end of Sunday 4th May (Week3).  Email voting will run Tuesday 6th May 00:00 to Thursday 8th May 18:00, and we will have in-person voting in Derwent Bar 19:00 Thursday 8th May, with results announced at the social at 20:00.

Each position is responsible for introducing new players to their area and organizing the weekly session (as well as any extra's they want to run).  The Abnormal members are the go-to for help for other members of the society for help in that area and provide a go-between to advocate for money/time from the main committee.  They are also responsible for storing equipment if needed.

Abnormal Member for Magic (the Gathering) also has responsibility for events for other CCGs-style games, should there be sufficient demand from the membership.

It would be great if we could fill these positions, so we can continue to run all the events we have before.

Tabletop Day

Week 9 Saturday 21st June

Tom, the Abnormal Member for Tabletop games is looking for people interested in running games next term on Tabletop Day (12:00-24:00 Week 9 Saturday 21st June in the Wentworth W/035 suite), especially those using innovative/non-standard mechanics (eg. Dread and Fiasco).  Please contact the society or Tom in person, and we'll hopefully publish a list on Monday of week 9.  Additionally, if you are interested in playing or running a longer term game at any point, please get in contact as well.  Tom and Dave (Webmaster) are working on a page for the website which will make a list of starting and on-going games.


If you've been regularly coming to SF&F events, and haven't got membership yet, please do.  Its only £4, provides benefits like 10% off at Travelling Man and LARP insurance, and lets us maintain and add to the society collection of boardgames, books and kit.  This is the YUSU minimum price, a bargain really at the cost of only 1 1/2 pints, so please contribute.

If you can, please catch myself (Thomas, Secretary), Brandon (Treasurer) or Jon (President) to pay, and we'll sort you at with a card ASAP.
Happy Easter SF&F!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Week 10: One final time with feeling

Election results

So last Thursday elections were held, and a new committee was elected, the Results are as follows:

Chair Being

Evil Kitty
Evil Unicorn
(In coalition)


Jonathan Fry (Jon 5)


Thomas Irving


Brandon Keane

Ordinary member - LARP

Andrew Walter

Ordinary member - Tabletop

Tom Parker

Ordinary member - Board games


Ordinary member - Magic



David Gundry


Brandon Keane

Equipment Officer

Alexander Macdonald

I'm sure you'll all join me in welcoming our new committee, and looking forward to their reign of glorious administrative efficiency, and mind numbing terror.

By-Elections will have to be held next term to fill the 2 currently vacant positions as well as the new position of (Ab)Normal member for war gaming.

AGM Decisions

3 motions were raised at the Annual general meeting these were:
  1. That the term 'Normal member' be changed to Abnormal member in any society documentation. This was carried,
  2. That a new position be created for an (Ab)Normal member for war gaming, This was carried.
  3. That the position of chairbeing be abolished. This was not carried.

Convention Cospaly:

Our new president already striding into his fresh role, has made this statement:
"Some people have suggested adding a cosplay element to next term's convention, which sounds like a pretty fun idea, so if that's something you fancy doing we're telling you now so you have time to prepare stuff over Easter. Obviously it's far from compulsory and the rest of convention will go on as usual, so there's no need to worry if you're not that interested in cosplay or unable to get a costume together!"

So that's it my proper last e-mail completed. I hope all your lives are good, that you live happily, achieve many great things, and I leave you with a reminder to always fear communists, and Connor.