Thursday, 26 June 2014

New LARP: The Fall and Rise of Impact

The Impact refs have released their player's guide.

Starting at the beginning of the 2014/15 academic year, The Fall and Rise of Impact will be replacing Age of Iron as the new biweekly campus LARP.

At the dawn of a new age, Humanity teeters precariously upon the edge of extinction - yet even in this darkest hour, a light of hope shines forth with the promise of peace and a chance to build a better world. Impact shall rise again.

Impact is the last of the great cities; A refugee ark-turned-stronghold that has narrowly escaped the mysterious fate of its counterparts, finding itself hurled through the empyrean void between worlds and stranded on the shores of a hostile land populated by strange creatures. As all that remains of a vast civilisation that had lived in peace and stability for centuries, the people of Impact have had to get their hands dirty and adjust to a life that is anything but peaceful, convenient and comfortable.

Colloquially renamed to commemorate humanity’s spectacular entry into the world coined as Sanctuary ten years ago, Impact has found itself drawn into a conflict it never asked for against a powerful and numerous foe: The formidable Thari of the Eternal Kingdom of Hyrathia. Along a contested border, skirmishes have flared up into a devastating four year war which has bled both sides dry and left humanity’s last city with precious few Obliterator war constructs with which to defend itself.

Humanity does not stand alone, however. Joined together into a formal Confederation of mutual support and respect, the various insectoid Sarengid hives and plant-like Kurekin tribes allied with Impact seek to defend their mutual interests and work together to survive in a savage and brutal world. Caught between the Hyrathian front lines on one side and the nightmarish forest of Kure on the other, with dwindling resources and a population exhausted from years of war, Impact has just established the experimental Envoy initiative - a team of diplomats, explorers and troubleshooters drawn from across the Confederacy and tasked with doing whatever they feel is necessary to ensure survival. 

Check out their their website and the forums for updates.

The new website

If you've tried to visit the society website recently, then you'll find that it's gone, and you're being redirected here! Do not be afraid, for this is the new website for York SF&F.

You can still visit the old website if you yearn to remember the good old days, but remember that it's no longer being updated. All new updates will be posted here, on this blog.

Our proud Abnormal Members have been drafted in to keep you up to date with what is happening in those strange parts of the society you may not frequent. You'll also find the regular society news and updates posted each week.

If you've got any content that you want to share - a campaign you're recruiting players for, a new LARP system that you want to advertise, or something you think the rest of the society would like to see - then contact the webmaster. Together we can make this site both useful and awesome.


Monday, 23 June 2014

Week 10: Last chance to shine


Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in the Peter Lee Dining Room, Wentworth
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in James SCR
Wednesday 19:00 - Age of Iron in V/119, V/122, V/V123   (last meeting before the big summer event)
Thursday 19:00 - End of Term Meal at El Piano
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Saturday 12:00 - Mordheim in V/119 + V/122

Thus ends the term. Hope you had a great time, and see you next year. For those here over the summer, there will still be stuff going on, including Necromunda on Saturdays, and events for Age of Iron, Vampire and Empire. Please see the forums for more details.

I know it may seem like a long time away, but we'd like to get stuff organised for the Fresher's Convention well in advance, if possible. Please contact us if you would be willing to run games or introductions to things that will be running throughout the year.

If you've booked to come to the meal, and can't make it, please let us know ASAP, or else everyone else will be left to cover your bill.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Week 9: Special Guest Edition

Hey cool cats, this weeks email comes to you from a slightly sleepy Presidential Jon 5:


Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in the Peter Lee Dining Room, Wentworth
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in James SCR
Wednesday 19:00 - Age of Iron in DL/002, DL/003 and DL/006
Thursday 13:00 - Society Picnic! (see below)
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Sunday 12:30 - Age of Iron in D/L/047

Other stuff (important!)

Society Picnic

Fancy a chilled out lunch in the sun with other SF&Fers? Come along to the patch of land next to the carpark behind the library (known to some as the LARP field) on Thursday this week at 13:00 for a picnic! (If people want directions meet me at Vanbrugh Stalls at 13:00 instead)

If everyone brings some food for themselves and some stuff they would be willing to share that would be peachy, also maybe blankets to sit on and other kinds of picnic-y things. It should be fun!

End of Year Meal

The plan is to go to El Piano for a meal on Thursday evening next week, please email in as soon as possible if you'd like to come. I'll be booking stuff on Thursday at some point, so that's your deadline!

Money-conscious people should note that the night should cost around £15, but this will get us some rooms to ourselves and a whole load of awesome food.

Most Important thing of all: Here's a short video of a cat singing along to rock music that everyone should see.

Have a fantastic week!


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Call to Arms!

Hi guys. Here's a few words from your Abnormal Member for Wargames:

I'm planning on running a Necromunda campaign over the summer.  Exact times and dates are TBC, but chances are it'll be on Saturday afternoons every week or two.  If you're interested, head on over to the SF&F forums where more details can be found and introduce yourself!

Also, while I've taken over organising the current ongoing Mordheim campaign, I don't really know how many other wargamers we have in the society and what games people play.  I know amongst the Mordheim guys there's some interest in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40k, and I'm aware that there are others in the society who play these games.  I also know we've got people who play other wargames that I know little to nothing about.  I think it'd be awesome if we could try and get more things organised.  Would there be interest in booking out rooms to play games on a regular basis, perhaps run an SF&F league or some-such if there are enough people?  Would anyone be interested in volunteering to run introduction games?  I find that the SF&F forums are a good place to get things organised, and it'd be cool if more people started posting stuff in the wargames section.

For the next academic year I'm planning on running another Mordheim campaign, using the Border Town Burning setting.  I'm likely to be running some intro games to that at the first convention of that term with the campaign proper starting in the following weeks.  If you're interested in Mordheim, which is a skirmish game based in the Warhammer world, feel free to turn up on the Saturdays of Week 9 and 10 and I'll be happy to explain how everything works and run an intro game.  Times and rooms will be in the society email, and more details including pdf copies of the rules and stuff can be found in the wargames section of the SF&F forums (have I mentioned that enough yet?)


Monday, 9 June 2014

Week 8: Tabletop Day brought forward

Changes to tabletop day

It has come to my attention that the late timing of Tabletop Day is unfortunately not a good date for a number of people interested in intending. (Including awkwardly myself due to a surprising family wedding.)

With this in mind, we are moving Tabletop Day to Saturday 14th June (End of week 8) I apologise for the short notice of this change.

The focus will be on games with innovative/non-standard mechanics (eg. Dread and Fiasco) but we are of course happy to accommodate more standard games. If you are interested in running a game, please contact the Society or myself.

Tom - Abnormal Member for Tabletop


Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in the Peter Lee Dining Room, Wentworth
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in James SCR
Wednesday 19:00 - Age of Iron in V/119, V/122, V/V123
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Saturday 13:00 - Tabletop Day in G/N/001, G/N/002, G/N/010 and G/N/013
Saturday 18:30 - Changeling in W/035
Sunday 12:30 - Age of Iron in D/L/047

James, the Abnormal Member for Boardgames has produced a list of all the boardgames in the society collection.  Remember to contact him directly or via the Facebook group to ask for your favourite games for Monday nights.

Future dates:

Thursday Week 9 (19/6) - BBQ (location TBD)
Thursday Week 10 (26/6) - End of Term meal (location TBD)
York City Screen's Ourscreen program is putting on a showing of Serenity on the 6th July.  Tickets are £8.70, see this page for more details.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Week 7: And another thing...


Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in the Peter Lee Dining Room, Wentworth
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in James SCR
Wednesday 19:00 - Age of Iron in V/119, V/122, V/V123
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Saturday 12:00 - Mordheim in V/119 + V/122
Sunday 12:30 - Age of Iron in D/L/047

Boardgames has moved to James SCR for the rest of term.  To find the SCR, go into the main block of James (where the hall and vending machines are), and up the stairs.

Future dates:

Thursday Week 9 (19/6) - BBQ (location TBD)
Saturday Week 9 (21/6) - Tabletop day (W/035)
Thursday Week 10 (26/6) - End of Term meal (location TBD)