Monday, 26 October 2015

Week 5: Fear the Fish God!

Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in W/243
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in James SCR
Wednesday 13:00 - Yu-Gi-Oh in W/306
Wednesday 19:00 - Impact in D/L/002, D/L/003 + D/L/006
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Saturday 13:00 - Mordheim in W/035E + W/035F
Saturday: 14:00 - Pantheon in W/301, W/304, W/306 + W/307
Sunday 12:30 - Impact in D/L/002 + D/L/006

News and Announcements

Watch the Skies is still seeking players! For those who do not know, this is a megagame running in week 6 involving 60 people. Play as a nation or an alien with world domination in sight! To sign up or for more information, please email

On Saturday, we are proud to present the first of an exciting three part LARP called Pantheon. This will be run indoors as a non-combat game and will involve various Gods with different agendas working together to assert influence over a blank world. We have a players guide on the forums. There is still time to create characters, so to do so, please email

Wargame's Mordheim Campaign 15-16 starting this Saturday (31st) at 1pm in Wentworth.  Mordheim is a skirmish game based of Warhammer Fantasy, starring all your favorite races in a turf war to control the titular city.  No experience necessary, and we have plenty of Warbands to lend out for people who lack models.  See the forums for more information.

This Wednesday, a weapons practice will be held on the usual LARP field (past the library and near Alcuin) in the afternoon. Feel free to come along to hone your skills. 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Week 4: A Road of Trials and Daring Deeds Ahead!

Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in W/243
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in G/001 and G/002
Wednesday 13:00 - Yu-Gi-Oh in W/306
Wednesday 19:00 - Impact in D/L/002, D/L/003 + D/L/006
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Saturday 13:00 - War Games in W/035E + W/035F
Saturday 11:00 - Final Fortress LARP in W/304, W/306 + W/307
Saturday: 18:00 - Changeling in W/301, W/304, W/306 + W/307
Sunday 12:00 - Impact in D/L/002 + D/L/006

After recent questions from new members, this information has been double checked, and we can confirm that the rooms stated above are the ones which are officially booked at that time and in that place and for that purpose. If anyone hosts a reoccurring event which is held in a different room, not booked through the society, please let us know as soon as possible in order to avoid future confusion.

News and Announcements

As mentioned in a previous email, in week 6, we are hosting a megagame called Watch the Skies which will involve 60 people. Please email for more info and signing up.

This Saturday, we are hosting Final Fortress; a bi-termly LARP set in a midst of a war with the undead. If you still wish to gen a character, email for more details.

In Week 5, we are hosting a new once-per-term indoors LARP called Pantheon. Players take on the role of a God of one or more different aspects where the objective is to assert your influence on an undefined world. Sound easy enough? Not while collaborating, competing, and debating with other Gods it isn't! For more information, or if you wish to gen a character and have not yet done so, please email

Do you play War Games? There is currently a vote on which weekly system to use, between Mordheim or WH40k using Kill Team/Combat Patrol rules. Head over to this forum thread to cast your vote.

Not yet on the forums? Head over and sign up for all the latest information.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

GeekFest 2015

So as you may know we are taking part in GeekFest 2015, a massive event celebrating geek culture at the University of York. This will be happening on the 17th and 18th October with many events such as workshops, a cosplay masquerade and different films showing throughout the event, alongside loads more things. It would be awesome to see as many of you there as physically possible.

Tickets are available from here and are free!!!

Here is the Facebook event

and the webpage for more details

We'll see you there!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Week 3: The Call to Adventure

Greetings all. Hope you are recovering sufficiently from Convention and are ready to participate in another week of games and activities. 

Week 3 Timetable

Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in W/243
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in G/001 and G/002
Wednesday 13:00 - Yu-Gi-Oh in W/306
Wednesday 19:00 - Impact in D/L/002, D/L/003 + D/L/006
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Saturday 11:00 - War Games in W/035E + W/035F
Sunday 12:00 - Impact in D/L/002 + D/L/006

News and Announcements

If you did not get a chance to pay for membership during Convention and wish to do so, please get in contact with our treasurer, Rosie Cook.

In weeks 4 and 9, there is Final Fortress; a new twice-termly Saturday LARP set in a midst of a war with the undead. Email for more details, or if you wish to gen a character.

In week 6, we are hosting a game called Watch the Skies. This is a megagame involving 60 people, in which players can decide whether to run a country or invade the Earth. Please email for more details.


GeekFest is a brand new initiative, the University of York's very first convention!

Led by student societies, GeekFest is a completely free convention that aims to promote all aspects of Geek Culture from Art and Game Design to LARP and Manga. It also aims to let you try new experiences or perhaps pick up old hobbies again — and, of course, to let everyone have an amazing time.
What's happening at GeekFest?

We've already got a loads of events lined up, here are just a few:
  • "Who's the Biggest Geek?" Quiz
  • Q&A Panels with Comic Creators, Game Devs and LARPers
  • Try out Quiddich!
  • Battle Reenactment
  • LAN Gaming Room
...and these really are just the tip of the iceberg! With loads of stuff already on our timetable and even more to come, like our Facebook page to be the first to find out when we get new stuff!

Where is GeekFest?

GeekFest will be in the Exhibition Centre at the University of York on the weekend of 17–18 October 2015.

That's the tall building on the south side of the lake, also home to the physics and electronics departments.


For those interested in getting involved in Tabletop Roleplaying games, please note the information below, brought to you by our Tabletop Representative, Tom Parker:

So how do you get involved?

Tabletop roleplay games are characterised by strange, many-sided dice and the occasional spine-shattering rulebook.

But the most important part of tabletop games are the other people you're playing with, and this is where the society comes in, to help get gamers together.

The primary ways to recruit players or find a game:

1) Google documents

We have two Google documents for those interested in joining or running roleplay games, feel free to write an entry for yourself if you're looking to join a game or recruit players.

There is of course no requirement or obligation to join games you are invited to or invite every player who shows interest.

*Links to the Google Docs can be found in the email version of this news, or from

2) Society Forums

Feel free to post a thread if you're looking for a game to join or you want to get players for a game you want to run.

3) Society Email

The secretary normally sends out at least one email a week with details of society activities. If you want to get to a slightly wider audience, then email with a blurb so we can advertise your game or interest in joining one.

4) Socials

We have regular socials on Thursdays, usually in Derwent Bar from 8PM. The society email will specify if we are aware of Derwent Bar being used.

5) Conventions

We have a termly society convention where people are free to gather and play tabletop roleplay games, live roleplay games, board games, watch movies and suffer sleep deprivation in the pursuit of the aforementioned activities. The First Term Convention is happening 9th-11th October.

6) Tabletop days

We also have a termly Tabletop Day.
The first term's tabletop day is geared towards introductory games and should be running Saturday of Week 7 (14th November)

Room Bookings

As a university society SF&F can book out rooms on campus for it's members to have a quiet location dedicated to their game for an evening or afternoon. To do this email with the days and time you wish a room to be used.

We have a very good reputation with the porters, so please do your utmost to leave the rooms in a clean and tidy state, even if some of the mess was caused by previous users.

Friday, 9 October 2015


Greetings all.

As mentioned in the previous email, we have a SciFi and Fantasy Convention running from Friday to Sunday in Wentworth. The specific rooms are W/035E, W/035F, W/301, W/304, W/306 and W/307 (apologies for the mistake in the last email; W/305E and F are, in fact, nonexistent). We would love for as many people as possible to attend, especially Freshers and Newbies. If anyone has not yet paid for society membership, convention is also a great opportunity to do so.

We now have a timetable of exciting activities which are running, as well as information about a few of the games and who is running them.

Activities running

All the time

  • Boardgames and bad movies

Time TBD

  • D&D 5th Newbie Games - Katrina Goldman
  • Big trouble in little china (Feng Shui 2) - Max Standring
  • Warhammer 40k pick up games, armies provided.


  • Cosmic Patrol (3-6 players, newbies welcome, rules-light pulp SF) - Jon Fry
  • Into Dark Places (5 players, newbies  welcome, D&D3.5//PF) - Thomas Irving
  • Garme Inn (6 players, newbies welcome, D&D 5th) - Max Standring
  • Baron Munchausen (9-12pm) - Luke & Toph:
“Greetings, Ladies, Gentlemen and Others. You are cordially invited to an evening of tall tales of ADVENTURE! Naturally, you cannot be expected to recall all of your fine deeds, so one of the other guests shall request you regale us with only one of your stories. If some contradiction in one of your fellows tale, then feel free to raise it, so they might enlighten us, how, for example, they were dealing with the Nile having a drought at the time.”


  • Kiss of the Frog God (6 players, newbies  welcome, LotFP) - Thomas Irving
  • Fiasco (3-5 players, 2-4pm, Fiasco) - William Thomas-Sam
  • Retrofuture (2 lots of 3-4 players) - Liam & Will:
The game's setting will be retrofuturist, with humans and mutants eking out a barbaric existence in a world long abandoned by its technological masters.
  • BrikWars (1pm start, games at 3pm & 5pm) - Zoe
  • Changeling LARP Newbie Event (6pm onwards, in W/301, W/304, W/306 and W/307):
'Changeling: the Lost' is an indoor LARP running once a month. It explores the largely forgotten darker side of fairytales and folklore with a modern, urban fantasy theme. No prior experience is needed, so please feel free to come along and try it out! Small snacks will be provided.


  • Impact LARP Newbie Event - 3pm (With an ‘Adventurer’s Mart’ beforehand in W/035E):
"The Fall and Rise of Impact Ref Team will be running an introductory adventure for new players on Sunday at 15:00. If you're new to LARP or just new to the system we'd love to meet you and have you along! The Impact Refs will be at the convention from 10:00 on Saturday to do chat to people and do character generation. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
We'll also be doing an "Adventurer's Mart" for new players, so if any of our old players have kit or weapons they'd be happy to lend out that would be great."
  • Into Dark Places (5 players, newbies  welcome, D&D3.5//PF) - Thomas Irving

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Week 2: New Game, Press Start

Greetings to new freshers and returning members alike!

Week 2 Timetable

Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in W/243
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in G/001 and G/002
Wednesday 13:00 - Yu-Gi-Oh in W/306
Wednesday 19:00 - Impact in D/L/002, D/L/003 + D/L/006
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Friday 18:00 - Sunday 23:59 - CONVENTION!!! in Wentworth: W/305F, W/305E, W/301, W/304, W/306 and W/307

SF&F Forums

Information for new Freshers: we have a forum! Sign up for more details on the things we do, and it is the best place to get to know each other, find out who shares your interests, and set up events and activities.


All weekend in the Wentworth block, there will be boardgames, card games, tabletop games and two different LARPs going on in the Wentworth block. For newbies, this is the perfect opportunity to try something out and get to know new people! Feel free to drop in at any time! (Note: There will be another email coming out later this week with information about the specific games at convention and the times at which they are occurring.)

Want to run a game at convention and not yet got in touch? Please drop us an email before Wednesday with details to let us know, and we'll put it on our schedule.

If you have any questions, need a room booking or anything publicised in a email, please do get in touch.

Elly Brine
SFandF Secretary