Sunday, 28 February 2016

AGM follow up and committee announcements

Dear members,

We would like to announce the 2016-17 committee.

President: Tegwen Hammersley
Secretary: Isaac Toman Grief
Treasurer: Elly Brine
Kit Officer: Connor Fitzgerald
Abnormal Member for LARP: Max Brown
AM for Tabletop: Thomas Irving
AM for Boardgames: Patrick Clarke Williams
AM for Cardgames: Cai Terry
AM for Wargames: Daniel Bean
Librarian: Brandon Keane
Webmaster: David Gundry

As a result of motions discussed during the AGM, an EGM will take place on Thursday the 10th of March, at 18:00 in V/045 to elect an Events Officer. Nominations are open, so if you wish to stand for this position please email the society before Wednesday 2nd March. Further information will be included in an email tomorrow.

Other conclusions from the AGM:

The Society shall remain the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, although the name shall be reviewed at the next AGM with the intention of changing it if we still feel that the actions of the society do not reflect the name.

It was suggested that there be a vote to allow non-student members of the society to vote. Unfortunately, this clause is a non-negotiable part of the constitution that YUSU insist on, and can therefore not be changed, no matter the outcome of a potential vote.

It was agreed that an EGM should be held to elect an Events Officer. The Events officer will be responsible for convention scheduling, fresher's fair organisation and promoting informal social occasions (such as the Thursday films and a proposed book club).

Formal minutes are available upon request.

Many thanks,

The Committee of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

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