Sunday, 28 February 2016

Week 9: A New Hope

"If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merry place " Thorin Oakenshield


Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in W/243
Monday 20:00 - Boardgames in James SCR (or G/001 and G/002 if no one is there)
Wednesday 13:00 - Yu-Gi-Oh in W/306
Wednesday 19:00 - Impact in D/L/002, D/L/003 + D/L/006
Thursday 20:00 - Social in Derwent Bar
Thursday 20:00 - Films in V/045
Saturday 12:30 - Tabletop Day in G/001. G/002, G/010, G/013, G/020
Saturday 13:00 - Wargames in W/035E + W/035F
Sunday 12:30 - Impact in D/L/002 + D/L/006

New Committee!

Hello, I'm Isaac your new friendly neighborhood secretary. Please bear with us with the inevitable teething troubles. If you fancy being helpful, please send everything into the account before Sunday morning when this email will be getting written from hereon.

Emergency General Meeting

It was agreed at the Annual General Meeting to elect an Events Officer. The remit of the Events Officer will be to organise Convention, Fresher's Fair and informal social events. If you wish to nominate yourself for the position please do so before Wednesday the 2nd. After that, email voting will open. The EGM itself will occur on Thursday the 10th.

The EGM will not vote on a constitutional change. After discussions with YUSU, it is impossible to include a clause allowing non-students to vote in our constitution.


Wargames will be occurring on a more regular basis next term, run by Daniel Bean. This week there will be Warhammer 40k.

Tabletop Day

This week heralds the much anticipated Tabletop Day!

The theme of Term 2 is Linked Games

We have a set of 5 games to be run by Tom, Thomas, Tas & Jake, Katrina and Paul, these games will be set in a variety of different settings.

Players may find themselves able to move between these games and play in multiple games during the same session!

Vague Structure of the day

Assemble at 12:30 in G/001, set of 5 linked games run until around 6ish
Pizza and other food after the first lot of games.

Then a second set of individual games in the evening if people are happy to keep going!

We have no definite plans for games in the evening slot so people are free to run what they wish.

Society Meal

Wagamama's on Thursday the 10th, after the EGM. Please declare interest by Monday the 7th.


There has been some interest in Society Hoodies and Mugs. If anyone thinks this is a good idea, let us know and we'll get on the case.

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