Monday, 22 February 2016

Week 8: Elections!

Monday 19:00 - Magic the Gathering in W/243
Tuesday 20:00 - Boardgames in G/020 and G/002
Wednesday 13:00 - Yu-Gi-Oh in W/306
Wednesday 19:00 - Impact in D/L/002, D/L/003 + D/L/006
Thursday 20:00 - AGM Elections Meeting in P/L/005 followed by Social in Derwent Bar
Saturday 13:00 - Wargames in W/035E + W/035F
Saturday 11:00 - Final Fortress LARP G/001, G/002 and G/020.
Sunday 12:30 - Impact in D/L/002 + D/L/006

Edit:  This week boardgames will not be occuring today. Instead, it will be happening tomorrow (Tuesday) in rooms G/020 and G/002 in James College from 8 pm. Also, on Saturday the 4th session of Final Fortress LARP will be taking place in G/001, G/002 and G/020. Please turn up from 11 to time in at 12.


Wargames are starting again on a more regular basis on Saturday, primarily organised and run by Daniel Bean. If you fancy playing 40K, feel free to turn up and join in.


If you would like to share a coach direct from York to Empire Larp this Easter, please book a coach place at the following link: Cost will be around £30 depending on numbers. We will be leaving Friday morning, returning Monday evening, with plenty of luggage space. Any questions please contact


The Election process for committee positions has now officially begun! To vote for a candidate, either reply to this email, or come along to the meeting on Thursday, open to all Society members. If you are running for any position on the list, please turn up to the meeting in order to explain why you should be considered for the role. The candidates are as follows: 


  • Tegwen Hammersley
  • RON (Re-open nominations)


  • Isaac Toman Grief
  • RON


  • Elly Brine
  • RON

Equipment Officer

  • Connor Fitzgerald
  • RON

Abnormal Member for Tabletop

  • Thomas Irving
  • RON

Abnormal Member for LARP

  • Max Brown
  • RON

Regarding the remaining positions, nobody has put themselves forward, so they are all currently at RON by default. If you wish to nominate yourselves for any of them (Webmaster, Librarian, Cardgames Rep, Wargames Rep) or for any of the other potions you have until Thursday. Be prepared to arrive to the meeting and explain yourself.

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