Name: Tegwen Hammersley

Tegwen is a second-year history student who joined the society at Fresher's fair on the promise of books. They have since proceeded to read (as yet) none of the books in the society library, instead finding LARP at the first convention and being adopted into the great big LARP family.

They can be found at the Thursday night social, as well as most LARPs being run. When not performing duties as your glorious president, they can be found playing the viola, making kit, or as a last resort working on their degree.


Name: Issac Grief

If he’s not proseing endlessly on Slavic history or political philosophy, he’s probably sleeping on a pile of kit or roleplaying loudly.


Name: Elly Brine

Elly is many things: a chronic daydreamer, a Second-Year studying English, a hopeless romantic and now the society’s secretary.

Since joining in October, she has become addicted to LARP and her Impact character’s angsty storyline. As a result, she is most likely to be found on Wednesdays and Sundays, usually frothing and getting overexcited.

In the remainder of her spare time, Elly can usually be found reading mythology, fangirling over shipping, procrastinating, and hanging on to the overly-idealistic hope of becoming a professional author one day. She is not actually a turnip, regardless of how much she pretends to be.

Kit Officer

Name: Connor Fitzgerald


Name: David Gundry

Dave studied Linguistics at York, and is now back again (again) doing a PhD in Computer Science. It is often supposed that his Linguistics study gave rise to his appreciation of terrible puns, though he would assert that this is an unrelated phenomena.

If left unattended, he is known to spontaneously begin philosophising about tabletop games and LARP, and how to make them even better.


Name: Brandon Keane

A third-year History Student, Brandon is your resident Librarian. If you have a need to access a classic fantasy page-turner, or just want to see a bibliophile with too much paperwork, Brandon is the one you want to talk to!

If you're looking to find him, Brandon can most often be found at the bi-weekly LARP system or at the socials. At other times it's safe to assume he's reading, avoiding any actual degree work, staring at his pile of unpainted warhammer miniatures or hunting down people who haven't returned their library books with a terrifying zeal and a Condemnor Boltgun....

Abnormal Member - Card games

Name: Cai Terry

Abnormal Member - Board games

Name: Patrick Clarke-Williams

Abnormal Member - LARP

Name: Max Brown

Max is a third-year computer science student and, as such, spends most of his days sheltering from the bitter winds of Heslington East.

In his free time, he can be found attending most of the society’s events, spending more time than strictly necessary on the Internet, and less time than is healthy sleeping.

Abnormal Member for Tabletop

Name: Thomas Irving

Thomas is a 3rd year PhD in the Biology Department, supposedly working on plant and fungal genetics, but is mainly just a glorified gardener. He found the society at the fresher's fair, and thought it was actually about SF, but was pleasantly surprised. He can normally be found at the weekly boardgame night and GMing or playing tabletop games, and will also get around to wargames at some point...

Abnormal Member for Wargames

Name: Daniel Bean

Forum Admin

Name: Clare Hammond (Yeti, Wings)

Yeti maintains and moderates the society forums. Often blunt and unsociable in person, she actually has a softer side and is dedicated to making the forums as open and welcoming as possible. In real life Yeti can be identified by her filthy laugh, tendency to lower the tone, and being a short, angry, blonde chick.

LARP, tabletop, and wargaming are the main things you'll find her doing now that she's finished studying Archaeology. She occasionally shows up to socials, but the best way to contact her is either via the forums or at the bi-weekly LARP.

Forum Moderator

Name: Kerry

Kerry is a quiet and eminently approachable example of geekdom who is mostly known to LARP (and play surprisingly ravening undead aberrations if you ask very nicely), but has also dabbled in other geekly things such as tabletop roleplaying and Magic: The Gathering.

Though she may claim hobbies including variably cheesy fantasy writing, a smidge of computer programming, and learning Japanese for the hell of it, she is usually to be found spending far too much time playing World of Warcr- I mean, vigilantly moderating the society's forums. (Which is a cushy job, really, because we're all lovely, civil people. Shhh, don't tell anyone.)