Starting in 2014/15, The Fall and Rise of Impact will be replacing Age of Iron as the new biweekly campus LARP.

At the dawn of a new age, Humanity teeters precariously upon the edge of extinction - yet even in this darkest hour, a light of hope shines forth with the promise of peace and a chance to build a better world. Impact shall rise again.

Impact is the last of the great cities; A refugee ark-turned-stronghold that has narrowly escaped the mysterious fate of its counterparts, finding itself hurled through the empyrean void between worlds and stranded on the shores of a hostile land populated by strange creatures. As all that remains of a vast civilisation that had lived in peace and stability for centuries, the people of Impact have had to get their hands dirty and adjust to a life that is anything but peaceful, convenient and comfortable.

Colloquially renamed to commemorate humanity’s spectacular entry into the world coined as Sanctuary ten years ago, Impact has found itself drawn into a conflict it never asked for against a powerful and numerous foe: The formidable Thari of the Eternal Kingdom of Hyrathia. Along a contested border, skirmishes have flared up into a devastating four year war which has bled both sides dry and left humanity’s last city with precious few Obliterator war constructs with which to defend itself.

Humanity does not stand alone, however. Joined together into a formal Confederation of mutual support and respect, the various insectoid Sarengid hives and plant-like Kurekin tribes allied with Impact seek to defend their mutual interests and work together to survive in a savage and brutal world. Caught between the Hyrathian front lines on one side and the nightmarish forest of Kure on the other, with dwindling resources and a population exhausted from years of war, Impact has just established the experimental Envoy initiative - a team of diplomats, explorers and troubleshooters drawn from across the Confederacy and tasked with doing whatever they feel is necessary to ensure survival. 

Check out their player's guide or their website.

Age of Iron (ended 2014)

In a savage world where life is a brutal struggle against the unrelenting forces of nature, the Empire of Magna Thule has for centuries stood as a bastion of defiance - a shining beacon against the darkness. Now, compelled by dreams of destiny, glory, and great riches, many citizens are setting sail across the oceans to the mysterious untamed lands beyond. If they are to survive they will need valiant souls to walk in the footsteps of the great hero-king Acacius and his adventurers; to drive back the hordes of abominations that threaten the fledgling colonies. Will you answer the call?

Age of Iron is a live action roleplaying game of high heroics and titanic adventure. Wednesday nights see everyone gather indoors to discuss plans, plot intrigue, and tell tales of epic glory. On Sundays you sally forth into the fray, cut down all who oppose you, and emblazon your name across the annals of history!

White Wolf / Isles of Darkness Systems

The Isles of Darkness (formerly Camarilla UK) offer a wide variety of live roleplay games inspired by the New World of Darkness campaign setting published by White Wolf.

Each game hopes to tell stories of personal horror and heroism amidst a world full of dark and dangerous creatures, where the greatest monster of all might be found by looking in the mirror (in more ways than one!).
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