Assuming you have a rough idea of what tabletop roleplay is and you want to get involved, then congratulations! You've found the right people to get involved with!

So how do you get involved?

Tabletop roleplay games are characterised by strange, many-sided dice and the occasional spine-shattering rulebook, but the most important part of tabletop games is the other people you're playing with, and this is where the society comes in, to help get gamers together:

Society forums
- Feel free to post a thread if you're looking for a game to join or you want to get players for a game you want to run.

Society email - The secretary normally sends out at least one email a week with details of society activities. If you want to get to a slightly wider audience, then email with a blurb so we can advertise your game or your interest in joining one.

Socials - We have regular socials on Thursdays, usually in Derwent Bar from 8PM. The society email will specify if we are aware of Derwent Bar being used.

Conventions - We have a termly society convention where people are free to gather and play tabletop roleplay games, board games, watch movies and suffer sleep deprivation in the pursuit of the aforementioned activities. The first term convention is happening 10th-12th October.

Tabletop days - We also have a termly Tabletop Day. The first term's tabletop day is geared towards introductory games and should be running Saturday week 7 or 8 (to be decided).

Room bookings

As a university society SF&F can book out rooms for it's members. To do this email with the days and time you wish.

We have a very good reputation with the porters, so please do your utmost to leave the rooms in a clean and tidy state, even if some of the mess was caused by previous users.

Tabletop in SF&F

Playing styles

There are many different styles of playing and running tabletop games. Some tabletop games are focused on the story, others on player freedom, immersion and atmosphere, puzzles or tactical challenge. Similarly some people like to stick to rules, others are happier to ignore them.

We would encourage you to seek out players and games that suit your style of playing. We'd also encourage you to remain open-minded about conventions and tabletop games. You might find that your tastes are broader than you first imagined.

We encourage players to discuss what they enjoy, don't enjoy and want from a game when recruiting for players. Of course, for many new players everything will be exciting!

Diversity, discrimination and mature themes

Whilst tabletop roleplayers are prominently white males it is an international phenomena enjoyed by people of vastly different backgrounds. There are a significant number of society members with different sexualities and gender identities within the society, and we hope the diversity of members continues to grow in the future.

Frankly if someone is enjoys in spending hours roleplaying an elf and rolling dice to kill goblins, then sexual preferences, gender and racial identity pale into the background.

Be mindful of any prejudice they may have encountered in the past but treat then for what they are: a fellow gamer.

Please be aware when dealing with some themes that you may be entirely unaware of the negative experiences of other people in the games. These experiences may be deeply personal, complex and something they do not wish to share with even close friends. The society doesn't exist to police the content of everyone's games but we encourage you to be mindful of bringing such themes up in games.

Paid membership gives you a shiny card!

If you present this at the York Travelling Man store then you receive a 10% discount off RPG products.

If you don't have a card, poke a committee member until one falls out.

(Travelling Man, 54 Goodramgate, York, North Yorkshire YO1 7LF, 01904 628787 )